Style tips for plus size women

The plus size category has taken the fashion world by storm these past few years. From being unacknowledged and hidden to making a bold statement, the plus size category has come a long way.

While everyone wishes to look slim and sport the latest trends, plus size women should also focus on accentuating and showing off their curves Which is why, we have put together some tips and tricks that would make styling a curvy body an effortless task.

Know Your Body Shape

You may be a plus size but that does not mean your body shape is just the same as every other plus sized girl. Knowledge of your body shape is the most powerful tool. Once you understand your shape, styling it will be a breeze. Find silhouettes and cuts that flatter your figure. This will also help emphasize your best features, be it your bust, waist or limbs.


Finding The Perfect Fit

If it’s too loose, it makes you look frumpy. If it’s too tight, it makes you look bigger. It may be a simple rule but it creates a huge impact- find a fit that flatters your body the most.  Ignore the number and letters, size truly does not matter here.  What matters is how the garment fits you and how this makes you feel. The best options are to get it custom made or buy a bigger size and alter it to your shape.

Invest In The Right Lingerie

You don’t need to go out and buy a corset straightway to cinch in your waist. Embrace your body but make sure to look neat by smoothing out your lumps and bumps. Invest in good comfortable shape wear. Be it a good supportive bra, high waisted shapewear or a full body shape enhancer,  it is important that your inners fit you well, feel comfortable and don’t add bulk. Want to see the perfect lingerie for your body type? You can get more collections at motherhood.  Visit Dealhack to find coupons for Motherhood Maternity

Follow Basic Styling Rules

Wearing vertical stripes, longer hemlines or master the rules of colour blocking.  These tricks may not make you appear thinner but they elongate your frame and balance out your proportions. While some may shy away from emphasising their waist or drawing attention to their upper body, we urge you to try these tips in accordance to your body shape. This will have a huge impact on your overall style.

Draw Attention To The Smallest Part Of Your Body

Be it your narrow waist, your lean limbs or your stunning collar bones, drawing attention to these areas will take away focus from other body parts that may not be your best feature. The easiest way to draw attention to these areas is by using your accessories right – a stunning bracelet to show off your wrists, statement earrings that draw attention to your face, a bold belt to show off your gorgeous waistline or even a killer pair of heels that draw attention to your alluring legs.

Master Your Makeup

An easy way to take the attention away from your body is to wear flawless makeup.  A bold lip colour or stunning eye makeup will draw focus upwards.  Follow bloggers or watch tutorials to gain knowledge on makeup and make it a routine. A fresh face and a gorgeous smile are fail proof accessories for any woman.

Invest In High-Waist Jeans

A good pair of jeans is a must in every girl’s closet.  Go out and get a pair of high-waisted jeans which are stretchable. Regardless of your body shape, this single piece of garment can help conceal troublesome areas and highlight your better parts. Find the perfect pair and style it according to your body shape, we promise that it will be your go-to piece.

Get Your Heels Out

Yes, it’s true! Heels change your posture and elongate your frame which in turn creates a balance.  Get out your favourite pair and put it to the test.  Create a collection of styles you find interesting and use them for any or all occasions. When comfortable is of importance, opt for wedges or boots. Whatever your preference may be, heels are the way to go.

Dress Monochromatic

Monochrome does not only mean black and white. Experiment with various colours. Wearing one colour all over creates the illusion of a slimmer frame. Play around with different textures of the same colour. Layer up or wear a one piece. Plenty of stunning looks can be achieved with this styling trick.

Be Confident

Believe in yourself and carry yourself with poise. After all, the most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence. Whatever your style, a self-assured demeanor will take you a long way. You can also get help from a personal shopper who can help you find the best match for you.

So go out, have fun and try out our styling tips!

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