Pop up or Matt-finish – Which Nail Color Is in Trend?

Nail polish has been around for many decades now and it is one of the most precious beauty products for women of any age group. But, with the recent changes in fashion and the choices of the users, the makers have to come up with something new and innovative almost every other year. Recently, the two nail color trends that have taken the fashion industry by a storm are the matt-finish nail colors and the pop up colors. Both are equally beautiful and the unique finish will make your nails look superb and attractive. So confused, which trend will you opt for and which one should you let go? Let’s find out on this page.

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Pop up nail colors

If you are one of those who like to wear colorful clothes every time you go out, then pop up colors would be the best choice. There are hundreds of shades to choose from and you can wear contrasting apparels too with these nail paints. Moreover, the pop up nail colors are perfect for parties and places where there will be too many lighting. In fact, these shades are loved mostly by the teens and young gen as these colors being vibrant give a fresh feel and look. On top of everything else, you get different varieties that will shine and shimmer when you wear the nail polish. The bright pop up colors can lighten up your dull mood making you forget your gluten intolerance even with their spark.

Matt-finish nail colors

Matt-finish nail polishes are more professional than pop up nail colors and are your on-the-go nail fashion partners. These nail colors give you a corporate look and will be suitable for office goers or any kind of formal parties. You can wear these anytime and in any place. Just like pop up nail colors, you will find various shades in matt-finish, but they would not be appropriate if you are going out to party with your friends. It is not that these look dull or anything, but the absence of the vibrant colors and shine makes them preferable for events that have dim lights and quieter ambience. You check happy nail salon prices here

The final verdict

When you have to choose between two of the best nail color trends, the only way to decide is to see which event you are going to. If it is an office party or conference, then matt-finish colors will be the one to go with. On the other hand, if it is a birthday party or wedding, then there is no comparison to pop up nail colors. Overall, pop up colors have a slight edge over matt colors because of the shine and different options of clothing.

So, if you have both the varieties in your makeup box and don’t know which one to wear, just think of the clothes that you will be wearing or the occasion that you will be attending. Both are absolutely brilliant, but then again, you have to dress for the occasion!

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