How to Get a Six Pack without Training the Abdominal Muscles

Most of those who are going to the gym have something in common with King Arthur: we are looking for the Holy Grail. For the legendary royalty, the Holy Grail was a mystic Cup. For us it is something different, but equally unattainable: a set of developed abdominal muscles.

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Ask Men – Metro Colombia. Get a six pack abdomen is what inspires many people to go to the gym. From the moment he starts to matter how we see ourselves without a sunset t-shirt, we look for ways to take our abdomen to the next level. We do complete abdominal exercises, contractions and even try to that strange trick that we read somewhere (which “guaranteed” our six pack abdomen). And if you’re like me, these efforts do not take you anywhere.

I spent years and years trying to a large number of different techniques of abdominal workout, cardio sessions and supplements strangers in search of the Holy Grail of fitness. Only to disappoint me that ever I could undo the rolls that covered my abdomen. Which led me to wonder: do I really need abdominal exercise for a developed abdomen?

The reason why we train our abdomen both is quite intuitive. Most of us have experience at the gym, and most of us did biceps curls or other exercises of vanity to see grow our muscles. One could infer that the same applies to the abdomen. Curls = best biceps, by what contractions = best abdominal muscles. Right? False.

To show your abdomen is nothing more than having a percentage of body fat as low enough. If you are loading much body fat, you can not highlight your abdominal muscles. It’s that simple.

To achieve this, you must create a caloric deficit. There is no other way. The most important key is to lower the fat and see your abdomen is to eat fewer calories than you consume. Which is much easier said than done

Create a caloric deficit means essentially working against what your body wants to do. As humans, we are not programmed to be exceptionally slender. This goes back to our ancestors and their days of hunters/gatherers. If our ancestors became as slender as to let see her abdomen, there is a good chance to not survive for a long time more. Food was scarce, and they needed to get ready to endure long without it.

What had the most important reason that we can imagine to store energy in the form of body fat: survival. And even after thousands of years, our survival instincts did not disappear: If you start to lose too much weight, your body will respond by putting like crazy. You will begin to crave food, will bottom out your energy and your immune system will receive a big punch. That does not mean that you are an individual of weak will; it is a survival mechanism.

However, the difficulty of losing body fat still not answer question main. Do we really need to train our abdomen in order to develop abdominal muscles? The answer is a resounding no (with some caveats). As we have learned, to see your abdomen is nothing more than a function of a body fat percentage low. With that logic, you should know that a direct abdominal workout is something you don’t need.

In addition, the torso is a group of muscles that is active in almost every move you make. Doing squats, dead weight lifting, pushing, pulling; all that develops your torso in different ways. It will complicate you think in an exercise that does not involve the use of your abdomen in some way. Making that clear, the training focused on the abdomen can help (just not in the way you think). The abdominal muscles are responsible for transferring energy through your body. If you can channel more energy through your ABS, you will probably be able to lift more, apply more force, jump higher and run faster.

In this order of ideas, develop a stronger abdomen can help your performance. To achieve a goal aimed at the physical, train your abdomen, it has some benefits. The largest of them is that when you train your abdomen, those muscles grow. When they grow, they begin to highlight more, even with a high percentage of body fat.

That does not mean that someone with 20% body fat that trains your abdomen should expect to get a six pack. That means that as you start eating a healthy diet, you can begin to notice an abdomen delineated with 15% vs. 12%. Is that a big difference? Actually not, but is a difference.

Then, should you worry you to train your abdomen? As a personal trainer that only focuses on helping people to look better naked, one of the last things that I do emphasis is on training your abdomen directly. Instead, we take a different approach. First, put them to eat well so they can begin to get rid of unwanted body fat, as well as do weights and cardio. All these factors combined usually means that your abdominal muscles are beginning to show.

But after a point, we need to make physical improvements – specifically in the abdominal region. This is the time and the place to start to complement with an abdominal workout direct. The big pieces of the puzzle are in place, and focused training fills the small details that complete all together.

So, if you are spending all your time in the gym going to classes for abdomen, doing abdominal contractions without seeing results, then it may be time to reassess your fitness program. Are you ordering you large parts first? If not, take care to do so. Then you can worry about filling the small details.

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