Culottes Pants: Going back in time with Culottes Fashion

Culottes are officially the must have pants which have replaced denim as the ideal choice for spring and summer season. They have the quality of being voluminous in nature, without the annoyance of tailoring. With a suitable hemline and adaptable shape (short girls can Yoo-hoo!), there are plenty of ways to rock culottes.

From basic hues to bold colors, denim to leather, you can strut out in culottes around the year. They appear as wide-legged cropped pants but they are remarkably quite cool to pull off. With a crop top or printed tunic, they are superbly flattering too.

Since you are continuously seeing them in stores, maybe all you need is a little style inspiration. Believe it or not, these stylish pants are available in range of patterns and designs. Call out your inner J Lo and grab a pair for yourself today.

Black is the most fetching

When trying out culottes for the first time you won’t feel comfortable in them. Pick a color which has the most slimming effect-Black. You can never go wrong with a pair of black hued culottes. Mix them with colored tunics and pastel tops, and you are ready for spring fashion.  

Style tip: use your white blouse, tuck it in, and add statement jewelry with pair of ballerinas for the most eye-fetching attire.

black culottes

Leather culottes? Yes, we are sure!

Yes, they might look risky, but if done perfectly they can make you look like a Diva. Never pick a skin tight leather culottes, always go for loose leather pants. Choose a floral printed tunic or sequin blouse with them. If you feel like layering up, simply add black shrug or blazer along with peep-toes or wedges. Always go for a classy piece of accessory with leather pants.

leather culottes

Heavenly white culottes

Want to add culottes to office wear closet, then pick up white culottes to go with almost every blouse you own. The wide-legged white pants will pair up perfectly with black lace tunic to wine silk blouse. To avoid looking balloon-shaped, add stilettoes to attire and statement neckpiece. There you go, the stunning ensemble for business meet this week.

white culottes


Can’t think beyond denim?

If you are the kind of person who can’t think beyond denim, then there are options for you as well. The stores are no short of finely tailored denim culottes, with a defined waistline and wide-legged bottoms. Denim culottes appear so retro and suave at the same time. With oversized tops and laced-up flats or sneakers, you can stun your seers.

denim culottes

Hunting for Patterns? Plaids?

Are you besotted with check or plaid patterns when it comes to clothes? Well, there is a cute way to style up your wardrobe with plaided and checked culottes. But make sure that the kind of check patterns you are picking up suit you as well. Plaids might have certain shades which might not go with your skin tone and body shape. Be smart, select wisely and pair them with tank tops or turtleneck blouses. You can also add-on the glamour quotient with ankle length boots and a chic bag.

printed culottes



Stick to Pastel culottes

Pastel shades are the most popular ones, and they are an absolute right option for culottes. You can pick from light blue to coral pants, but make sure fabric suits you. The stitching of pants should be apt, go for tailored ones in case you want a better fit. Once you are done with pants, search for matching printed blouse and heels for trendy appearance.

pastel culottes

So, tell us what you are wearing this season?

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