A guide to buy the perfect pair of Dress Socks

Did you know that socks were actually designed to protect the feet from frostbite? The word “sock” comes from the Latin word “soccus”, which refers to a Roman loose-fitting slipper. Interesting, right? Now, that doesn’t mean you can roam on the streets with only your socks on! Socks are worn on the feet so that they absorb sweat and provide warmth during colder months. But, did you know that socks you wear need to be matched your dress? Here, we will help you to select the perfect pair of dress socks that you should wear with your tuxedo or denims.

Style matters!

Socks come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Ranging from those beautiful designer socks to sports socks to those fashionable trendy socks, there are a whole lot of categories to choose from. One such category is the dress Sock. By definition, dress socks are worn with pants as a part of formal, semi-formal and professional attire. Whether you are wearing a tuxedo or a pair of jeans, dress socks can easily become an accompaniment.

Colors, material and patterns of dress socks

Dress socks, unlike those fancy designer socks or casual socks, were typically made for men. However, during the last few decades, due to the proliferation of women’s dress pants and pant suits, dress socks took a significant amount of space in their wardrobes too.

Color:  The most important factor while choosing dress socks is their color. They come in a wide palette of hues and their coordination with the color of the pants that you are wearing is essential.  Ideally, the dress sock should be one shade darker than the suit

Material: The most common materials used to make dress socks are nylon, cotton, wool and polyester. Among all these, cotton is the most favored material due to its comfortability.

Pattern: Here is a thumb rule – If you are wearing pants, which is patterned then your dress socks should be of solid color, and vice-versa.

Whether you are going on a date wearing your favorite tuxedo, or getting dressed for that important meeting at your office, you need a matching pair of dress socks to make a solid impression.

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